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The Famine Statues

Story of the Irish

Story of the Irish is a visitor experience that uses live theatre and cinema to immerse the visitor in Ireland’s 10,000 year old heritage and culture.


The visitors travel on a journey from first settlers in 8,000BC to present day. They are guided through 6 twilight lit chambers, each pertaining to a specific time period, by a Celtic God (a professional and highly skilled actor).

On the journey the visitor will experience the cultural triumphs of the Irish together with their indomitable spirit as the Irish fight against near annihilation, before rising up from their cultural ashes. It is an innovative and deeply moving visitor experience – a first of its kind in Ireland.
Frank Fitzpatrick, Author and Director, got his inspiration to create this experience from his childhood conversations with his grandfather, a veteran of the 1916 Rising and the War of Independence.

The attraction is structured in such a way that it can comfortably accommodate as few as 5 persons per chamber or as many as 35 persons per chamber. And it can operate on a pulse rate of 15 mins, 20mins, or 30 mins. At a pulse rate of 15 mins the 6 chambers can comfortably accommodate 140 persons in any given hour (i.e., 35 x 4).

Story of the Irish is situated less than a 2 minute walk from: a dedicated coach parking area; the Hop On/Off bus stop; the Luas / Tram stop; and the Jameson’s Distillery tour. All located in the emerging cultural quarter of Smithfield – with its host of great restaurants and traditional pubs.

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